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Monday, December 1, 2008

Newsletter Email Blasts

Dear Big Cheese,

I would like to send out an email blast to my clients for the holidays and I don't want it to be an impersonal boring plain text message that gets ignored, or worse-yet hits a spam filter without being seen. I would like to show my clients that I appreciate their business and let them know about the exciting things happening in '09...

Can you send out "a better" email blast?

Carol P. - Madison, WI

Dear Carol,

Yes! We can send out a better email blast. Through the power of technology, design savvy and good ol' common sense, we can design your HTML version email newsletter to work seamlessly with your branding, look great, AND be received by your contacts, no matter how many spam/ junk filters they have enabled. All you need to do is provide some fabulous content and give us your mail list... we will do the rest.

Contact our Charlotte Web Design Headquarters at 704-968-1775 for more information. Thank you for the great question.

THE Big Cheese

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