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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Content Management System for Website

Dear Big Cheese,

I need a website, but I need a content management system built in because our services are still evolving and I would like to be able to add news every day for our clients.

Beside that functionality, we will also need the site to have a unique and almost whimsical design (we are specialty retail shop in Charlotte).

Is this a project that you can handle and can you send me references of some sites that you have done like this.


Sung K. -- Charlotte, NC

Retail Shop Owner

Dear Sung,

We can certainly assist you in creating a creative, professional aesthetically pleasing AND user-friendly website for your Charlotte-based retail business. Our designers will work with you to design a site that you are proud of and reflects the personality of your business.
A content management system is a wonderful tool for allowing you access to make content changes to your site through an easy-to-use password-protected back-end. This will give you 24-hour a day access and the ability to update news, upload pictures, create links and format text. We use Joomla to create all of our content-management site, and we are proud and excited to offer this to you. You can read more about Joomla's Content Management System on our website.
I look forward to meeting with you soon and the opportunity to work with you. When we meet I can show you sites that are similar to what you are looking for in both design and functionality and give you the contact info of these clients so that you can speak to them personally about heir experiences with Mouse and Man and the success of their websites.
Take care - Happy Thanksgiving!
The Big Cheese

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