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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Need Business Logo and Image Package

Dear Big Cheese,

I have decided to start my own CPA business in Charlotte after 15 years of working at a big firm. I need a "look," a logo and website and an image that I can can use to brand myself. What do I need to start this process and how quickly can I get it done?

Steve -- a CPA in Charlotte

Dear Steve,

Congratulation on starting your own firm in Charlotte and best of luck! Mouse and Man is a perfect choice for your "image" creation. We are not only experts in finding the right "look and feel" for new is something we sincerely enjoy doing.
To get started we would have you meet with our creative team to discuss the personality of your new business. We will ask you questions like "who are your clients?" "What feelings do you want to convey?" and "Do you have a tag-line, or message?"
This will help us determine if we need to go steady and conservative, or bold and contemporary--or anywhere in between.
We will work on a logo, a website and your other image pieces and we can do so quickly and professionally. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to get this pulled together depending on our schedule and your availability.
I look forward to talking with you about your new project and I can't wait to introduce your new business to the world.
My very best regards,

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